A Preview of the AUA2021 Virtual Practice Management Program

Practice Management Program Header

May 22 and 23, 2021, the American Urological Association will host its annual Practice Management Program as part of the virtual May Kick-Off Weekend. Designed to support the professional development of practice management professionals, AUA’s Practice Management Program features talks from leading experts on timely and relevant topics impacting the management of today’s urology practice. This year’s two-day virtual program promises to be dynamic and engaging. Check out a preview of select session content below and register today!

What Doctors Expect from Practice Administrators but Don’t Always Communicate

“We will consider the key tenets for better communicating expectations and priorities and, as a result, enhance the performance of administrators for their urology physicians. Even when they are not explicitly articulated, there are several ways to help maintain a successful urology practice wherein the administrative leadership is in sync with their physician owners. We will address several areas of ‘refresher’ information and perhaps some new but essential areas in this post-COVID era.” – Max Reiboldt, CPA, President & CEO, Coker Group

The Big Changes for 2021: Coding & Reimbursement Update

“The most significant change to coding and billing in decades took place on January 1, 2021 with the release of the 2021 Evaluation and Management guidelines. I find that lots of people are still really confused by this update, and even those who think they understand it may not. There were technical corrections that were released by CPT on March 9 to help clear up some of the confusion. I am excited for this session because it will help providers, coders and practice mangers with documentation strategies and the most accurate coding advice as it pertains to urology, which will lead to maximizing coding accuracy and reduce the practice's risk. In addition, new and revised CPT codes for 2021 will be reviewed, as it is really important that everyone knows what is new and what has changed from year to year.” – Jonathan Rubenstein, MD, FACS, Compliance Officer, United Urology Group

Traps and Tricks of the Trade "Leveling the Playing Field - Audits, Appeals, Compliance and Medical Necessity"

“My session is going to focus on real-world cases (Civil and Criminal) my team and I are engaged in at the Administrative, State and Federal levels and what we do to level the playing field. The session is jam-packed with lots of information and tactics we deploy daily that yield our clients significant results. I promise it will be worth attending!” – Sean Weiss, Partner, VP and Chief of Compliance, DoctorsManagement, LLC

Home for Dinner: Improving the Efficiency of the Urologic Practice

“I will talk about the importance of the doctor being able to have a balance between their work and their personal or non-professional life. I have used the metaphor of “home for dinner” as an example of the importance of balance and that the urologist has to be effective in their practice but also effective with their time away from the office. In order to accomplish this, practice efficiency is going to be of paramount importance. Urologists can’t put in more hours during the day, nor take their work home which takes time away from their family, but they can certainly become more efficient. This means making use of technology, educating patients on what to expect so that the patients assume some of the responsibility such as obtaining prior authorization and completing demographic information and health questionnaires before they come to the office. The challenge is to become more efficient yet ensure that every patient has a positive experience with the practice – and also to ensure favorable online reviews and patient satisfaction scores. I believe I can show you in 35 minutes how this is possible.” – Neil Baum, MD, Professor of Clinical Urology, Tulane Medical School

Lessons Learned and Opportunities Revealed from the COVID-19 Pandemic

“During this presentation, we will discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on urology practice budgets and operations, risk mitigation changes, adoption of technology changes and ethical dilemmas that have arisen while facing COVID-19 challenges. I’m excited to share the experiences of a number of your peers around the country as they were forced to react to the unexpected crisis. I will offer some suggestions about how to leverage the investments you made in enhancing profitability and patient service in the future.” – Rick Rutherford, CMPE, CHA

To view the full 2021 virtual Practice Management Program schedule, visit the program page on the official AUA2021 website.