Patient Voices Guide Improvement to Urologic Care Delivery

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Patient Voices Guide Improvement to Urologic Care Delivery

For more than 30 years, the Urology Care Foundation has been a leader in improving health care for urologic patients worldwide by supporting research, providing education and advancing humanitarian initiatives. The Foundation’s official website,, contains the largest repository of urologic patient education materials, with hundreds of pieces, ranging from simple facts sheets to detailed patient guides to videos and podcasts. These resources, covering a variety of urologic conditions and diseases affecting both men and women, are designed to help educate patients about their urologic health, as well as equip them with knowledge about various treatment and care options.

In addition to helping patients and caregivers understand urologic conditions that affect them or a loved one, the American Urological Association and Urology Care Foundation also recognize that patient voices are critical to better understanding and optimizing the delivery of urologic health care. First-hand accounts from patients living with a urologic disease provide an opportunity, not just for patients to educate and empower one another, but also for health care providers to gain a deeper understanding of patient quality of life concerns and outcomes.

Learn more about opportunities for your patients to get involved and share their story with the urologic community below.

Patient Perspectives Program at AUA2021

The AUA’s Patient Perspectives Program provides patients and/or patient advocates the unique opportunity to present their experiences and connect with physicians at the world's largest medical meeting in urology – the AUA Annual Meeting.*

This pilot program brings patient voices into the fold with an aim to help physicians and healthcare providers better understand what success looks like in patient-physician communication and shared decision making. By means of an abstract poster displayed in the Science and Technology Hall, selected presenters will share:

  • the patient's experience receiving care/treatment for a urological condition
  • specific examples of best practices determined between the patient and their physician
  • obstacles encountered between healthcare provider’s standard treatment practice and patient feasibility/quality-of-life concerns
  • possible solutions for improving overall quality of care from the patient’s perspective

If you know a urologic patient who may be interested in submitting an abstract to present at AUA2021, or for more information, please visit the AUA2021 website. The abstract submission deadline is June 21, 2021.

*Travel stipends will be provided to primary authors accepted to present their Patient Perspectives research at AUA2021 in Las Vegas.


Survivor Stories

The Urology Care Foundation acknowledges that survivor stories can bring people together and raise awareness around urologic conditions. By reading, listening or watching these survivor stories, our hope is that others may find comfort in knowing they are not alone. These stories provide support and a feeling of connection among people across the world, while allowing them to learn about these urologic conditions in more detail.

Have a story to share? The Urology Care Foundation invites you, your patients and those in your community to share your experience with a urologic condition and how it has affected you or your family. Share your story here.

Care Blogs
The Urology Care Foundation posts weekly Care Blogs around various topics to include survivor stories, awareness months and patient education, just to name a few. Our goal is to provide these posts as easy and consistent ways for the public to access new material across our website. Check out one of our most recent Care Blogs about a mother’s fierce fight for the life of her son.

Urology Care Podcasts
More than 175 patient-facing podcasts are available on a variety of urologic conditions. The Urology Care Foundation podcasts are developed with information to help patients and caregivers better understand conditions as well as gain a sense of connection with other survivors. Listen to one of the latest podcasts featuring Matt Ode, who shares his story as a testicular cancer survivor and his advice on finding hope.

Videos of Survivors
Survivors, patients and caregivers discuss their journeys in our Urology Care Foundation videos. Explore them all to see their viewpoints by visiting the Survivor Story Playlist on YouTube.